Richmond, Virginia – Frontier is stepping up union busting activities against striking CWA workers in Virginia. The company is agressively hiring scabs and a private police force. Intimidation and harasment of workers has escalated.

The 1,400 Frontier workers on the picket line in Virginia and West Virginia are striking to defend their healthcare and for

Job security. The company refuses to discuss worker concerns and is now waging an agressive antiunion campaign.

On Friday March 16th,  Frontier won a restraining order against CWA strikers after filing for an injunction accusing workers of “unlawful mass picketing and other strike-related misconduct.”

Ominously, the company has hired the notorious Pinkerton “consulting” firm to intimidate the striking workers. Frontier’s restraining order  bans pickets from sheltering near company buildings, forcing workers to stand in the rain, snow and wind. Workers were ordered by a Fire Marshal to remove outdoor propane heaters that they were using to keep warm. In a video posting on Facebook two strikebreakers can be seen cursing workers. There is  also a video of scabs threatening to shoot works.


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