DC 37 Opens Contract Negotiations

November 14, 2011
Around Town – By Neal Tepel

District Council 37opened negotiations with the City of New York to demand much needed wage increases for its members.  Noting that city workers have not had a raise since March 2009, Roberts said, “Over the past few years, layoffs and attrition have reduced the city’s workforce by thousands, forcing our members to do more with less. We’ve risen to meet this challenge. Our members are working harder than ever, and the cost of living is on the rise. Our members need a wage increase, and that is why we’ve requested to begin negotiations.”

“The Mayor has allowed out-of-control spending on outside private contractors, unregulated tax breaks for wealthy corporations, and millions in uncollected tax revenues to accumulate.  It is the Mayor’s own policies that have created these budget deficits, which he chooses to solve by laying off thousands of our members, most recently at the Department of Education.” “Instead of continuing down the path of job-killing budget cuts, the Mayor should invest in the city’s workforce, which would help unemployment and jumpstart our economy,” said Roberts.

According to DC 37, City spending on private outside contractors has increased by 71 percent since 2003, while consultant service contracts alone have increased by 300 percent. The city has also foregone almost $1 billion in uncollected tax revenue, and it has increased tax giveaways to corporations by $20 billion..
Victory for Democrats in  Suffolk County  
The clear victory for Suffolk County Executive-elect Steve Bellone and Democrats in that county is seen as a backlash on the Republican strategy. Democrats maintained a 12-6 majority in the Suffolk County Legislature, including holding on to two open seats in the Town of Brookhaven. While Democrats focused on local issues of importance to voters, the Republicans were sending messages to the White House by pony express. In Ohio voters stopped Governor Kasich's assault on organized labor.
WalMart Update
The Walton Family Foundation is opening a $1.4 billion art museum in Bentonville, Arkansas. But just last month, the company that made them their billions slashed health care for hundred of thousands of families.


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