New York, NY – Dante Dano, Jr. currently serves as President and Business Manager of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers Local Union 137 overseeing and orchestrating the daily operations of the local union.

Dante Dano, Jr.

Dano’s career started as an apprentice fabricator in 1984.  During his tenure he was appointed shop steward, made foreman and became a manufacturing training instructor.  He served as an Executive Board member for five years until he was elected Business Representative in 2001. In August 2013 the Executive Board unanimously appointed Dano as President and Business Manager.

Dano is currently serving as Trustee of the Nassau Suffolk County Building Trades Council. He is Chairman of the Benefit Trust Funds and serves as Secretary/Treasurer of the SMART Production Sign Council representing over 50 unions in the United States and Canada. He is an active Executive Board Member to both the NYS AFL-CIO and the NYS Building Trades Council.

His education carries a concentration in labor law studies. He completed a 2-year labor program at Cornell University, Ithaca campus.  He attended Cornell University, ILR School for a specialization in arbitration, negotiations and labor law. He has also attended many seminars and leadership forums at the National Labor College, George Meany Center. 

Among his many accomplishments is the crafting of a legislative bill, which he successfully initiated, drafted and managed through the legislative process.  In 2007, the bill unanimously passed the legislature and became law in Nassau County. The new law made sign hanging licenses obligatory for any sign erector doing business in Nassau County.  Dano then spearheaded the same effort in Suffolk County. The bill was passed and became law in 2009. 

Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers Local 137 manufactures and erects signage in New York and New Jersey. The local is responsible to 500 members, which is comprised of a diverse workforce. It is known for fabricating and erecting signage for various business sectors, such as the transportation division including Long Island Railroad, and John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports; sport arenas, in particular MSG and the newly constructed USB Arena and the spectacular signage in the heart of Times Square, most notably and the well-publicized lowering of the New Year’s Eve Ball.

It is SMART Local Union 137’s objective to ensure the continued success of its members through organizing, comprehensive educational and training programs, along with representation and communication of its successful track record in negotiating mutually beneficial contracts that improve benefits, wages and safe working conditions for working men and women.



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