CWA President, Chris Shelton

On July 25, 2022, Communications Workers of America (CWA) President Chris Shelton joined President Joe Biden for a roundtable on the importance of passing the CHIPS Act.

“The CHIPS Act is a key component of both creating good jobs here in the U.S. and strengthening our ability to compete with China,” Shelton said. “Passage of this bill is going to drive a huge amount of investment in semiconductor manufacturing across the country. It will result directly in tens of thousands of jobs to help grow a key component of our manufacturing sector.”

The CHIPS Act will result in tens of thousands of new manufacturing jobs in the United States and contains provisions that prevent companies that received money under the Act from using those funds to invest in overseas semiconductor production. It is a key part of the Biden Administration’s plans for rebuilding America’s manufacturing sector to create good jobs and strengthen the supply chain for critical components like semiconductors.

“Passing the CHIPS Act is an important first step toward creating good, union jobs in a competitive U.S. semiconductor manufacturing sector,” said Carl Kennebrew, President of CWA’s IUE-CWA Industrial Division. “Semiconductors are essential for everything from appliances to cars to medical imaging devices to fighter jets. We are ready to build on the expertise of our members and help secure the supply chain for these critical components.”

 The expanded production of semiconductors in this country will create thousands of good-paying domestic jobs for Americans.


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