March 24, 2011

President John Samuelsen of Transport Workers Union Local 100, and Lillian Roberts, Executive Director of District Council 37 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees will speak Thursday at a massive City Hall rally together with other union leaders, as well as student and community groups.

In addition to TWU and AFSCME, the coalition includes United Auto Workers Region 9A (covering the East Coast and Puerto Rico), the CUNY Mobilization Network, the Coalition for Public Education, and numerous community groups including the Freedom Party, the South Bronx Community Congress, and the Bail Out the People Movement.

Leaders of these organizations will detail their plans at a City Hall press conference Tuesday at 11am.

Demands for the rally are:       

Jobs, Not Layoffs!
Affordable Housing Now!
No Cuts to Social Services!
No Union-Busting or Privatization!
Extend the Millionaire’s Tax!
Close Corporate Tax Loopholes!
Bring Back the Stock Transfer Tax!
Stop the School Closings!
End Mayoral Control and restore community control!

Larry Hales of the CUNY Mobilization Network said marching to Wall Street will “Highlight the source of the problem. The banks and Wall Street investors have looted the public treasury while giving nothing back,” he commented. “All the budget cuts could be avoided simply by making the banks and investors pay their share of taxes. We are organizing to stop layoffs and budget cuts and to reclaim the public funds to use them for the workers, communities and students.”


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