May 8, 2013
By Neal Tepel

The Local 802 has placed the nightclub '54 Below' on its Unfair List effective May 8. That club is being boycotted by Local 802 and should be avoided until the labor dispute is settled. Why is 54 Below being put on the Unfair List? After numerous requests, 54 Below has refused to bargain with Local 802, claiming they are not the employer of musicians. 54 Below employs musicians as part of self-contained acts as well as musicians who the club employs directly to play for various showcases, open mikes and "late night" entertainment.

Local 802 has asked 54 Below to come to the table with no preconditions in order to come to an agreement that will be workable for both parties. It is the position of the Union that all musicians who play 54 Below must be treated fairly by being paid a fair wage and benefits. An agreement between Local 802 and 54 Below is the only viable way to assure that this happens.
Those interested in joining the picket line should call or email the Local 802organizing department to find out the schedule. (212-245-4802 ext. 141, 


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