A Starbucks employee, Alendra Harris, who worked in a Westminster, Colorado, Starbucks as a barista before she was fired in Nov. 2022, has had a decision handed down in her favor. Judge Ira Sandron has ruled that the mega-coffee chain illegally fired her, and must give her back pay. However, Sandron stopped short of ordering her former employer to reinstate her, only suggesting that she should be offered her job back, but saying Starbucks must also apologize. Two stories from each side emerged in the conflict, with Starbucks blaming Harris for her firing, saying she violated “safety, security and cash-handling policies” in her counting of the store’s safe, and the NLRB, after a six-month investigation, finding that it was retaliation for trying to unionize.

Read the full story by The Washington Times, published here:


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