New York, NY – The last two years have proven just how much work and life affect one another. Our frontline workers held us together through the pandemic, and now more than ever, they need our support.  

Shawn McLoughlin 
VP, Labor & Public Sector.

As healthcare costs continue to rise, Fund Administrators across the country are seeking ways to deliver high-quality clinical care at a lower cost. SWORD Health can help, offering non-invasive, best-in-class musculoskeletal and chronic pain relief. With 100% of care tailored by licensed physical therapists, and the aid of superhuman sensor technology, SWORD’s solution uniquely tackles the influence and cost of MSK — from prevention, to rehabilitation. 

Union-based health benefits have to balance the pressures of the external labor market, what participants are asking for, and internal financial measures. The resulting formula dictates what the Fund must achieve in order to deliver the best benefit package at the lowest possible cost. This includes making sure that your health and wellness benefits offer solutions that support participants when and wherever they need them.

At SWORD Health, we are fighting to give you this level of equity, both in and out of the workplace. SWORD members will gain:

  • Access to our convenient therapy, regardless of economic or geographic standing, delivered in a way that works for them and their livelihoods. Hotspots are issued to those in need.
  • A whole person approach to healing. We encourage members toward a healthier lifestyle, giving them tools to incorporate exercises into their schedules, and improving mental health, depression, and anxiety.
  • A firm belief that ALL bodies deserve to be pain-free. 

At SWORD Health, we ask ourselves: how can we make the experience better and more inclusive? We’ll ensure that we create trust, expand access to care, address the health literacy and digital divide, all while prioritizing emotional wellbeing and a superior customer experience. We won’t stop until we reach every person in need.

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