As 2022 comes to an end, we’d like to thank all our clients, colleagues, and employees for another amazing year.  The success of our firm over the last 55 years of service is based on the relationships that we have formed with every one of you. Your dedication, loyalty, and trust in Grey & Grey form the cornerstone of our success and for that, we are truly grateful.

As we reflect on the worldly issues and challenges that we have faced over the last few years, let us look forward with newfound resolve and perseverance. May you find new strengths, create opportunities, and gain a deeper appreciation for the impact that respect, compassion, and empathy have on our world.

Working together this past year has been a pleasure and we’re proud to have all of you with us.  We look forward to continuing our zealous representation of our clients and advocating for the rights of injured workers. Best wishes and happiness to you and your families over the holiday season. We look forward to a successful 2023 together!

For more information about workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability, or personal injury, visit us at, email us at, or call any of our offices.

Labor attorney Robert Grey.


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