July 1, 2014

By Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale
Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder

Harrisburg, Pa.- “The Supreme Court decision in Harris Vs. Quinn aimed at home care workers is not only bad for unions they're bad for all workers and the middle class. This decision is an attack on workers' freedom to form strong unions and to bargain for decent wages, benefits, and to advocate effectively on behalf of their patients. Strong unions build and expand our middle class.

This decision weakens the bargaining strength of all workers and undermines their efforts to rebuild and expand our middle class which is essential to freedom and democracy," Bloomingdale said.

"The ones who are hurt by anti-worker laws and court cases are the families with parents and grandparents who need personal care to live at home with dignity. Rest assured that this court case isn't going to stop home care workers from fighting for good jobs and quality care. Home care workers will stick together and keep up the fight for good jobs and quality care, despite today's decision. We will stick together and work with our allies to make whatever changes are necessary to make sure they still have a strong voice," Snyder said.


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