According to The National Safety Council falls, slips, trips, contact with objects or equipment, overexertion and being struck by a

Attorney Neil Kalra.

falling object accounted for over 70,000 construction site injuries and 500 deaths in 2014 alone. While these tragedies cannot be undone, many of the injuries and deaths may have been preventable. Daily inspections of work sites by all workers and following protocol with safety equipment, materials and tools are integral to maintaining the safety of workers and the general public near construction sites.

Accidents happen as a result of rushing projects, short cuts, and lapses in safety such as strewn debris. On construction sites, debris and gear is constantly moving and can pose a threat if not appropriately accounted for and dealt with. Scattered debris like metal or wood fragments, sharp glass and other dangerous materials may cause workers to trip, fall and consequently injure themselves. Due to the unsanitary nature of these materials, a victim might also be susceptible to infection and disease. Un-tethered tools and personnel can also pose a danger. Falling debris may pose as serious hazards to the general public, not just to construction workers.

Just ask John who was stopped at a light while driving his taxicab at 55th street and looking for a new passenger when a crowbar falling 32 stories landed directly on his windshield. Shocked and bruised he contacted the Kalra Law Firm seeking restitution for his damaged vehicle and injuries sustained by the falling object. When contractors cut corners to lower prices and quickly complete jobs, mistakes such as this can be dangerous and costly to all parties involved.

Every worker on construction sites should be constantly on the lookout for dangers and hazards and report such breaches in the law immediately. Daily inspection is integral to maintaining safety on work sites. Inspection programs usually begin by concentrating on operations with the greatest potential for hazards and later extend to other conditions. Continuous inspections are to be conducted ad hoc by employees and management. Employees should always note and report hazards so that the employer can take corrective actions. If corrective actions are not taken, then there lies the possibility of serious repercussions.

Problems and injuries can arise when proper inspection protocols are not properly followed. If you or a family member has been injured due to negligence at a construction site you may be entitled to full benefits and compensation. Know your rights and get the answers you deserve. Our attorneys are dedicated to getting victims of negligence the compensation they deserve through thorough investigations of all forms of evidence including inspections reports. Call the trusted New York City and Queens construction accident lawyers at Kalra Law Firm for a free initial consultation at (718) 897-2211.


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