By Erica Varlese

The Wall Street Journal reports on whether or not rising labor costs abroad, an increase in price for materials, and U.S.-based tax incentives will bring manufacturing jobs stateside.

In Mexico, the status of nine mineworkers is unknown after an explosion due to gas buildup at the work site.

Boeing’s lawyer rejected NLRB charges accusing the company of creating a second assembly line in South Carolina to punish striking workers in Washington.

Connecticut governor Daniel P. Malloy is meeting with leaders in the Democratic Party today to discuss budget cuts and the potential elimination of 4,000 or more state jobs.

New York workers’ compensation laws are prohibiting the families of the two attendants killed in Continental Connection Flight 3407 from receiving benefits.

Four construction executives were indicted for stealing more than $30 million in false charges to their clients. Maybe that’s why construction costs are so high, not “wasteful” work regulations.



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