True to Teamsters General President Sean O’Brien’s word, Amazon is the powerful union’s next major target. After just winning a historic contract for its UPS workers, the union has put its force behind fighting the behemoth corporation. In Palmdale, CA, Amazon Delivery Drivers and Dispatchers represented by the Teamsters Local 396 are on strike, and now they have begun picketing outside a Bay Area Amazon warehouse. They have also picketed at ten warehouses around the country. Amazon is notorious for its Unfair Labor Practices, in this case the unlawful termination of Palmdale employees, and its refusal to recognize the Teamsters and bargain with them to change low pay and dangerous working conditions. One example of the latter is that in the California heat, regularly around 100 degrees, drivers work without air-conditioning, and Amazon limits the amount of water they are allowed to carry on their trips.

Read the full story by Teamsters News, published August 1, 2023, here:


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