Los Angeles, CA – Teamsters Local 630 is reporting that members at Nabis Cannabis, a rapidly growing distribution outfit, have voted overwhelmingly to ratify their first contract.

“I’m incredibly proud of the tenacity and courage that was demonstrated by this group of workers,” Local 630 Secretary-Treasurer Lou Villalvazo, said in a statement. “What they have done at this company can serve as a model for successful organizing and bargaining throughout the California cannabis industry moving forward.”

Peter Finn, Teamsters Food Processing Division Director, called the drivers and maintenance workers at Nabis Cannabis “the most critical component of the company’s success.”

“They deserve a collective bargaining agreement that reflects that,” Finn said in a statement. “A Teamster contract ensures that cannabis workers have prosperous, long-term careers in this exciting and burgeoning industry.”

According to the union, the three-year contract includes a number of significant improvements. These include wage increases of at least 28 percent throughout the lifetime of the agreement, four weeks of paid vacation, paid sick days, paid holidays, guaranteed minimum of 40 hours per week and more. The agreement also provides these young workers with the opportunity to retire with dignity by being part of the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust. 

“I can say that I’m thankful for all my co-workers’ determination and unity, and to Local 630 for all their guidance and assistance,” said driver Jordan Davis. “They gave all of us the opportunity to achieve our union and our first contract, which will change our lives. Thanks to Teamsters, I now have a career instead of a job.”


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