The job of a Correction Officer at the notorious Rikers jail is unimaginable difficult. During the height of COVID, for example, workers were constantly exposed to sick inmates in an environment not suited to such a pandemic, while inmates themselves often did not receive proper medical care to mitigate the problem. Now, Joseph Russo, president of the Assistant Deputy Wardens/Deputy Wardens Association, says that there is a lack of consequences for disruption, poor behavior and even violence, citing a recent brutal beating of a CO. Patrick Ferraiuolo, president of the Corrections Captains’ Association, says there are “tons of assaults on a daily basis,” and more CO’s are needed. But Councilwoman Carolina Rivera has said the jail is overstaffed and mismanaged, even accusing staff of abusing sick leave and other practices, saying she believes these issues should be addressed in order to winnow staff down.

Read the full story by Richard Khavkine for The Chief Leader, published August 31, 2023, here:,51021


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