“Rock and Roll Man” is a quick moving and toe-tapping musical entertaining of the meteorite rise and equally the downfall of the well-known disc jockey Alan Freed. Mr. Freed was the first radio personality to integrate black recording groups as well as white recording groups.

Alan Freed’s problematic professional life was highlighted by the Payola controversy (payment to disc jockeys to play certain records) and descending into abuse of drugs and liquor.  

I remember when I was at New Utrecht High School in 1958 when we were invited to Freed’s Broadway office and studio to audition. Obviously, we were not memorable.

Alan Freed was known for Rock and Roll shows at the Brooklyn Paramount and the Fox theatres. The “Rock and Roll Man” is a short version of the lavish productions which all the major rock and roll groups performed.

Constance Maroulis stars as Alan Freed who was an American Idol winner and was nominated for a Tony Award for his engrossing portrayal of Alan Freed. Rodrick Covington, who was a Tony Award winner and a Grammy award nominated performer, is sensational portrayal of Little Richard.  Valishia Covington channels Laverne baker and Joe Pantoliano gives a terrific performer as the owner of Record Rendezvous and Mafia lieutenant who organized the Payola scheme.

A host of other performers who portrayed rock and roll legends Buddy Holly and Frankie Lyman provided an entertaining evening.

The Director adroitly weaves the story line with the musical numbers.

This entraining panache is what the Doctor ordered to uplift one’s spirit.

Do not hesitate to see this wonderfully delightful show. 

Photo provided by Leanne Schanzer Promotions


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