” Once Upon A One More Time” is a delightful entertaining dance fest for the entire family. In interviewing attendees, the remarks were: “remarkable, terrific music, exciting dance routines, well-done”. 

The musical is based upon the music of Brittany Spears and integrates 21 songs of Brittany Spears.

The dances choreographed and directed by Keone and Mari Madrid coordinated well with the story.

The costumes by Loren Loren Elstein integrates well with the story.

The story is a tale of Grimes storybook characters who seek a different outcome to the original story. The book by Jon Hartmere is a delight and exceptionally weaves story, dance and humor.

Cinderella   is the lead character (played Broadway newcomer Briga Heelan)  who gather gathers all the fairytale princesses to seek another storybook ending. Prince Charming is played by Justin Guarini (the first American Idol winner) . Cinderella’s stepmother is portrayed by two-time Tony award winner Jennifer Simard, the Narrator is Adam Godley, the fairy God Mother is Brooke Dillman, and snow white is Aisha Jackson who has an excellent voice.

Overall, if you are a Brittany Spears fan and looking for escapism into the world of dance and humor this is the show for you. 

The Photo by Matthew Murphy


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