November 20, 2012
By Michael Likosky

Public-private-partnerships are already taking center stage as the way we will stand on our own two feet.  Partnerships are the cornerstone of the bipartisan consensus emerging to address the fiscal cliff. They are a way of growing the pie of available capital by putting private capital to work rebuilding our country.  Partnerships are how we will reconstruct the Northeast after Sandy.

Standing on our own two feet means creating domestic sources of energy, metals and minerals, physical and social infrastructure, and factory capacity. During the first term of the Obama Administration, consensus was reached not only on this fact, but also on how to pay for our independence. Innovative bipartisan public-private-partnerships are the new normal across the electoral map. Treasury Secretary Geithner and Secretary of State Clinton have played a leading role in forging this broad consensus.

That said, we have real challenges going forward.  We have dozens of public-private-partnership programs.  Many states make the most of them, others don't.


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