Legislation A.9598/S.8648 which requires a prevailing wage for renewable energy projects one megawatt and larger has been signed into law in New York State. 

This legislation involves the procurement of renewable energy credits from a public entity supporting Governor Hochul’s new goal for ten gigawatts of distributed solar by 2030, enough to annually power nearly 700,000 average-sized homes. New York’s ten-gigawatt roadmap,  provides a comprehensive strategy to expand the state’s successful NY-Sun initiative into one of the largest distributed solar programs of its kind in the nation. 

The public investment to achieve ten gigawatts of solar will spur over $4.4 billion in private investment. 6,000 additional solar jobs will be created across the state, including with the State’s first application of prevailing wage requirements for solar projects between one and five megawatts. 

State Senator Jessica Ramos, Chair of the Senate Labor Committee, said, “Putting prevailing wages and organized labor at the helm of our State’s transition to renewable energy will allow New York to lift up communities with family-sustaining wages while leading on our efforts to tackle the climate crisis. I’m thrilled that my bill with Assembly Member Joyner is being signed today, and hope it is one of many steps to build a climate future with working families as the priority.”

Gary LaBarbera, President of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York, said, “This bill-signing represents a significant investment by the state in efforts to advance our energy efficiency goals and create thousands of high-quality, middle-class jobs with benefits. We applaud Governor Hochul for her unwavering commitment to trailblazing these projects and ensuring the tradesmen and tradeswomen involved are thoroughly supported. Now more than ever, we need clean energy projects that create opportunity and stability for New York’s working people and continue to position our state as a leader in modern efficiency standards.”  


1 thought on “Prevailing Wage Mandated for Renewable Energy Projects”

  1. I can appreciate LaBarbera’s sound critique against the cancerous moves that open shop has on the union. And how infamous developers/ big nose vampire people [like Stephan Rose], use open shop to further exploit /suck the blood out of the innocent hark working men/woman [ *the is proof that open shop is a problem !- ANY SYSTEM that can hurt the honest tax paying worker, is wrong from all angles. – politicians, WAKE UP! NLRB, WAKE UP!] ~ Related chairman praises rise of nonunion workers, and organized labor strikes back

    The reason why close shop is pervious, is because any form of worker abuse is unacceptable. Also, the more that we have close shop, the more that the greedy big nose people/ no good developers will start to deform/decay/ turn into a statue of salt.

    I know that my organizers from local 20,6a,18a of the cement and concrete workers have the right momentum, in exposing developers that blatantly practice worker exploitation[ no doubt, the other trades/organizers that fill the claim of recognition, are ALSO part of a chess game].

    I’m also aware of the powerful union driven spirit from Senator Ramos. – this bright and genuine person, is a precursor of organize labor/picket lines/rallies etc. – * I’m convinced without any reasonable doubt, that if LaBabera were to follow some of Ramos’s steps[ showing up in some of our picket lines/rallies etc.], the juxtaposition of the unionists and the non-union developers, will turn more toward CBA[ collective bargaining agreement]. And more light will be shed on, close shop.

    LETS GO LaBarbera ! make it an effort[ It will not hurt a fly] to show up in one of our Picket Lines/Rallies etc. – the organizers of all trades/ members are all civil. And should I have the honor of meeting you, rest assure, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee – the idea of CBA is American at best.

    Lastly, Hochul’s union spirit/ job creating and community/ family growth, is the American way 100%

    Hamilton Pagan
    LiUNA Strong
    Cement and Concrete Workers local union 20

    GOD BLESS America !

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