“When President Biden first took office, he pledged to be ‘the most pro-union president in history.’ He is living up to his promise. The American Rescue Plan brought the economy back from the brink following the shock-waves of the pandemic. The unemployment rate is at its lowest point since 1969. The historic bipartisan infrastructure law is adding good-paying union jobs to the economy, while the Inflation Reduction Act is actively lowering costs for working people. Biden has also fostered the most labor friendly environment we’ve seen at the federal level in decades. As workers join together to form unions in record numbers, the NLRB is holding employers accountable and defending workers’ rights.

“Pres. Biden clearly understands that a strong economy depends on a strong labor movement. But the job isn’t done. We still need to overhaul labor law in this country so workers who want to form a union can finally do so. That means passing the PRO Act and the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act. To keep our economy moving in the right direction, Congress must pursue a clean vote to raise the debt ceiling and continue to ensure that the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes. Finally, the federal government must continue to make critical investments in the public services our communities depend on like child care and health care.

“The path ahead in a divided Congress will be tough, but to keep the state of our union strong we must press ahead and fight for common sense policies that will empower working families and finally level the playing field.”

President Joseph Biden


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