Editor’s Note: Anna Pulgiano is Vice-President of Client Services/Enrollement for Union Benefit Planners.

New York, NY — Time seems to fly by quicker as I get older.  Priorities change and planning for the future means different things at different life stages. I remember so clearly planning for a young family, how much we wanted and saved for a home of our own. Then planning for college for the grown children and now looking at retirement.  Every stage calls for different needs, desires and solutions

Term insurance serves the greater and longer needs of a family, protecting mortgage payments, school bills, etc.   

The fact that it is inexpensive makes it the perfect vehicle to use with a young growing family but something more permanent is usually needed going into retirement.   The goal is to plan for each step along life’s path to protect your loved ones and be ready for the future 

Permanent insurance serves a different need in life’s planning.  It has been used by many executives and anyone with a pension plan.  These plans can provide protection for those pensions and enabling pensioners to take their full pension and still protect loved ones with insurance.

Also, executives have used these vehicles to create a non-taxable stream of income in retirement.

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