WASHINGTON, DC – SEIU is battling with  Planned Parenthood over the organizibg of the PP Rocky Mountains-area centers. Planned Parenthood is using both legal as well as political weapons to stop their centers from being union shops.
Planned Parenthood is even reaching out to the President Trump administration in an effort to stop its Rocky Mountains-area operation from becoming union shops. Almost 200 workers in 14 clinics in three states included in the PP Rocky Mountain branches voted to organize. The workers are demanding the ability to negotiate Pay and benefits with the employers. Following the vote , Planned Parenthood challenged the results to the NLRB — in the case known as Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood Inc. v. SEIU. The NLRB sided with Planned Parenthood in the first round, but employees are appealing.

Staff for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, in coordination with SEIU Local 105, won the election for their union in December 2017. But shortly after the vote to unionize, Planned Parenthood leadership, instead of recognizing the new unit, turned to the Republican-controlled National Labor Relations Board to challenge the outcome.

To date Planned Parenthood is refusing to meet with employees and negotiate pay, benefits and working conditions. PP anti-union activities is being noticed by many of their financial and political supporters.


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