When members of the public go to a big chain pharmacy at CVS and Walgreens, they expect that their prescriptions will be filled correctly and with attention to detail. But not so fast, says a new investigative report published by the L.A. Times. These chains’ treatment of their pharmacy workers, and demands on them during their work day, are so egregious as to make it risky for the public’s health, say many pharmacists themselves. In this report, it is revealed that pharmacies in California alone make up to 5 million mistakes every year in dispensing their prescription drugs to consumers. Pharmacists’ lists of duties goes way beyond just filling prescriptions – they include giving a wide range of shots, answering phones, tending to drive-in registers, working front-line cash registers, counseling patients, and calling doctors and insurance companies – and if they complain, say the workers, they are at risk of termination and have “a corporate target on their back.”

Read the full story by Marc Lallanilla for the New York Post, published September 5, 2023, here:


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