Albany, NY – Clean energy jobs now employ 146,000 New Yorkers across the state, and  clean energy jobs are growing at a rate of more than two-times the state average, with a growth rate of 3.4 percent from December 2015 to December 2016. Job growth is projected to continue its rapid expansion, with  growth to double again to 7 percent by year end. In June, Governor Cuomo announced as a part of Climate Jobs NY agenda a $15 Million in Workforce Development & Training Programs at SUNY campuses. SUNY campuses are in the process of establishing a Community of Practice in clean energy workforce development to extend best practices and training opportunities to support the New York State clean energy industry. Campuses have submitted applications which are being reviewed by panelists now.

The pool of NYSERDA projects includes over 4,000 megawatts of renewable capacity that could generate more than 9.5 million megawatt hours per year, representing thousands of jobs in New York State. When built, the NYSERDA projects will add historic amounts of renewable energy to New York’s power supply. These projects have been shown to provide great benefits to communities, labor groups and local goods and services.
In addition NYPA is accelerating its annual investments in energy efficiency and solar by $300 million through 2020 as part of its BuildSmartNY and K-Solar programs.

As part of Governor Cuomos initiatives, NY Green Bank is seeking to raise at least an additional $1 billion in private sector funds to expand financing availability for clean energy projects. These additional funds to be raised from third-party investors will enable NY Green Bank to deliver environmental and cost benefits to New Yorkers and broaden the scope of investable projects beyond the boundaries of New York State. Because of its  track record which has resulted in driving nearly $1.4 billion in clean energy investment in New York State, NY Green Bank has seen strong interest from third-party entities like pension funds and insurance companies seeking to utilize it as an investment vehicle for sustainable infrastructure projects.

Also in planning for the future is a new reality that extreme weather has become the new normal. New York State is taking action not only to protect our environment but also to plan for a more sustainable future through the use of clean energy. As a direct result of Governor Cuomo’s embracing clean energy policies, energy companies throughout New York are creating thousands of jobs.

“As the federal government turns its back on solutions to climate change while denying reality, New York is doubling down on our efforts to act on the clean energy future,” said Governor Cuomo. We are … “creating good-paying clean energy jobs across the state and helping to secure a cleaner and greener tomorrow for all New Yorkers.”


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