New York, NY- A NYS Supreme Court Judge has dismissed Uber’s February lawsuit to overturn the historic vehicle cap in New York City.

The cap has stopped Uber and other companies from flooding city streets with cars. Uber’s lawsuit could have resulted in more traffic on NYC streets.

Although the company has had a hiring freeze since April and is logging off drivers they currently have — they sued for the right to put more cars on the streets. 

Several yellow cabs and Uber drivers were granted status as interveners in Uber’s February lawsuit on the basis that drivers support maintaining the vehicle cap.

“This cap has been life saving and the basis for any group of drivers – Uber or yellow cab – to come out of poverty and instability.  Uber and Lyft have saturated the streets on drivers’ backs.  They lost on this issue and need to stop wasting everyone’s time and money fighting it,” said NYTWA Executive Director Bhairavi Desai.

The New York Supreme Court ruled that the city was within its rights to institute the cap on for-hire-vehicles. 


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