New York – New York City has received $10.1 million in federal grants to replace nearly 925 fossil fuel-powered fleet vehicles with electric vehicles (EV) and install 315 new EV chargers across the city.  This investment helps advance the city’s goal of electrifying its entire vehicle fleet, “When New Yorkers see cars, trucks, and vans with the ‘NYC’ logo on the side, they can rest assured that those vehicles are contributing to a greener city,” said Mayor Adams. “We are already ahead of schedule in transitioning city vehicles away from fossil fuels, and this new grant will allow us to take nearly 1,000 fossil-fuel vehicles off our roads, helping us reduce carbon emissions, make our air cleaner, and save on fuel costs.”

The funds will additionally support the first major investment by DCAS in all-electric pick-up trucks and vans. DCAS recently registered its first requirements contracts for electric cargo vans, electric pick-ups, and a law enforcement model of the electric pick-up. In total, the city operates over 6,000 pick-up trucks and vans, which represent 25 percent of the city’s total on-road fleet. This first order of electric pick-up trucks and vans brings the agency closer to meeting the goal of an all-electric light- and medium-duty fleet by 2035

“Under Mayor Adams’ leadership, New York City has already become a national leader in sustainability and green infrastructure,” said First Deputy Mayor Lorraine Grillo. “This new grant will help us continue to transition our fleet to electric vehicles, protecting our environment and continuing to ‘Get Stuff Done’ for New Yorkers.”

DCAS expects to operate over 5,000 EVs by June 2023. The agency has also ordered the first three electric buses for the New York City Department of Correction and is working on EV contracts for box trucks, garbage trucks for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, and additional replacements of gas cars with electric models. 

“We are laying the groundwork for an all-electric fleet of the future that will support critical citywide operations while benefiting the environment,” said DCAS Commissioner Pinnock. “Through this funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation, we are poised to make a significant transition for our light- and medium-duty fleet. This is a critical next step for our agency as we lead the charge in government fleet operations.”


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