New York, NY – Daniel E. Flynn officially took up the mantle of Chief Fire Marshal of Investigations at the FDNY Headquarters in Brooklyn this week.

Flynn, recipient of the prestigious Deputy R. Godek Medal, has been with the FDNY for more than 15 years, spending the last 12 as a fire marshal. He now oversees a group of 150 fire marshals from the FDNY Bureau of Investigations.

“As a Firefighter, he battled fires and rescued others from harm,” Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said after this week’s appointment. “In his career as a fire marshal, he investigated fatal fires and brought to justice those who used fire as a weapon to endanger lives and destroy property.”

Flynn has amassed nearly 40 citations throughout his career, demonstrating his tenacity and resourcefulness for investigative work. In 2012, Flynn helped  uncover a criminal conspiracy that included arson, kidnapping, assault and robbery. The lengthy investigation concluded with the incarceration of four violent felony offenders responsible for setting off a 3-alarm fire on Staten Island that injured 10 firefighters.

Flynn began his career at Ladder Company 114 in Brooklyn after leaving the NYPD in 2005. He was promoted to fire marshal in 2009. In 2014, Flynn was promoted to lieutenant of the 8th Division. Two years later, he became a Supervising Fire Marshal and would later be cross-designated as a Federal Supervisory Task Officer with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in 2017.

Prior to his new appointment, Flynn oversaw the FDNY Special Investigations Unit, which is where he was responsible for conducting complex and high-profile criminal investigations into arson cases. 

“I’m happy that Danny was appointed,” said James Egan, a fire marshal representative for the Uniformed Firefighters Association, Local 94, I.A.F.F. “He was an excellent manager. I worked for him at the FDNY Special Investigations. I can’t say enough good things about him.”

Nigro believes Flynn’s appointment will be a boon for the city and the FDNY. 

“Now, as Chief Fire Marshal, he will utilize all these skills, supervising an outstanding group of Fire Marshals who work diligently each day to ensure the safety of our city and the members of this Department,” Nigro said.  


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