TRENTON, N.J.—Gov. Phil Murphy signed a bill Feb. 4 that will raise New Jersey’s minimum wage to $15 an hour in January 2024, beginning with an increase from $8.85 to $10 in July. The bill, passed by both houses of the state legislature Jan. 31, also raises the minimum for tipped workers from $2.13 an hour to $5.13. More than 1 million people will get more pay as a result, the New Jersey Policy Perspective think tank estimated. Three groups of workers are excepted, however: The minimum for seasonal workers and those at businesses with fewer than six employees won’t go up to $15 until 2026; farmworkers will get only $12.50 in 2024; and employers could pay new workers a “training wage” 90% of the minimum for their first 120 hours on the job. Murphy is also expected to sign a bill that will expand paid family leave from six weeks to 12. The measure, passed Jan. 31, will also raise what workers on leave get from two-thirds of their wages to 85%, and the maximum from $633 a week to $859. It will be financed by taxing the first $131,000 of income, up from $34,400. Read more


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