New York, NY – Over one hundred trade unionists and nonunion workers on Thursday February 17, briefly blocked traffic along 12th Avenue and W27th Street in Chelsea to protest the further loss of good union jobs and widespread exploitation of vulnerable workers across New York City’s construction industry. In this video, Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine and former prosecutor Diana Florence lend their voices to the protest.


1 thought on “LP Quick Video: Manhattan Borough Prez and Diana Florence Support Trade Unionists Against Worker Exploitation in NYC’s Construction Industry”

  1. I was proudly there ! And as long as I live, I will continue to try my best with the supporting of worker rights. – being in that crowd gave me a sense of purpose and jubilation.I.E., the wind of Democracy will forever push us forward. It is this very wind that helps us with the slamming/ confronting the noxious nonunion developers that exploit the worker.

    There’s a lot of crazy things that are happening in the world- The madness of Ukraine…nuclear bomb concerns…child slave labor…drugs wars…USA and Chinas struggle for power in Asia…we can’t save the world, but here in America, we sure can zero in on the avarice of the capitalists[ vampire scum developers that abuse the innocent undocumented worker].And challenge it’s wrong ways – more importantly, we must ALSO question our lame labor laws- it almost seems like worker exploitation is the norm. Furthermore, why is our legislators sleeping on the job. -* All of this is UnAmerican! Sick! And Unacceptable!
    I can appreciate why my organizers of local 20/ 6a/18a are constantly getting permits to have a picket line. I’m also grateful to have a strong business agent/manager that put the members first.

    I like being a trade union member. Why, because it helps me realize the disgusting and filthy ways of guilty developers. And why it’s MY DUTY to show union support- Picket line/ Rally/ Strike etc.

    * To all of the gross nonunion developers that are wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing, I have a sweetheart message for you :
    My organizers are coming for you ! And they all backed by civil members!
    We will expose you to the public by any means necessary!

    union strong
    Union clean

    GOD BLESS America

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