December 13, 2012
Around Town By Neal Tepel

Jobs Express, a website designed to help New Yorkers who are seeking employment, currently has more than 74,000 job openings available.

The site has helped more than 59,000 individuals find work since its October 2011 launch. As extended unemployment benefits expire for thousands of New Yorkers this month, this site should provide a helpful resource to those in need of a job.

"Jobs Express has been a resounding success for more than 59,000 formerly unemployed New Yorkers who were able to find a job," Governor Cuomo said. "More than 4,600 employers across the state are hiring now and I urge all New Yorkers who are looking for work to visit Jobs Express."

Currently 4,614 employers have 74,810 job vacancies available on Jobs Express. Since October 2011, when the Jobs Express site was launched, 5,843 employers who list their jobs on the site reported more than 59,586 new hires. The Governor continues to encourage employers to use the proven results of Jobs Express to post new jobs and connect to skilled and ready to work New Yorkers.

With extended unemployment benefits expiring this week, job seekers are encouraged to apply for these jobs which are in a wide range of entry level and professional fields and pay scale. Job seekers can also visit the Department of Labor’s 88 one-stop career centers for expert assistance in job interview preparation.

Kathie O’Mara, Associate Director of Human Resources at Apex Tool Group, LLC, said, “The Department of Labor has been our go-to source for our hiring needs for years. This year was a particularly busy one for us in the area of recruitment.


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