Treatment for musculoskeletal (MSK) issues — whether acute, chronic, or rehabilitative — is often addressed by opioids, surgery, or physical therapy. Opioids and surgery have distinct drawbacks, such as addiction, high cost, and frequent failure rates. Physical therapy, where movement is the medicine, has long been seen by physicians as the best treatment for MSK recovery. But it has a pitfall: engagement is dismal. Traditional physical therapy can be inconvenient and disruptive to a busy schedule. The trouble of scheduling appointments, driving to the clinic, and taking time away from work dissuade many people from keeping up with their treatments, which is why only 30% of patients who start in-person physical therapy will see it through. Low adherence pushes people back into a vicious, costly cycle of interventions. 

We’ve sought to solve this problem, and as we’ve advanced clinical studies, we now know what it takes: engaging technology, and a high-touch approach from a real clinician, all from the comfort of home.

Maximizing engagement 

Having 24/7 access to pain-relieving movement encourages a new trend in healthcare: engagement that’s better than expected. When we understand the optimal timing and behaviors of our members, we have a better chance at enabling their recovery. For a member who completes 8 weeks of digital physical therapy, 61% continue into a self-guided maintenance phase. Most will read between 5-8 educational articles during their journey to better understand their pain. 52% of Sword sessions occur after hours (between 6PM and 8AM). Most of these sessions occur between 7PM and 9PM, meaning more than half of Sword members complete their exercises when a clinic would normally be closed. 

Better engagement for better outcomes 

With a digital physical therapy solution, Sword has helped thousands of patients overcome pain. Our outcomes and satisfaction rates attest to the real connection between a patient and their physical therapist. And best of all, it shows how an engaging digital solution makes a true difference in health, cost, and quality of life. With an at-home approach, 83% of Sword members complete their programs, nearly 3x the national healthcare average.

To schedule a Sword demonstration, please contact: Destiny Guardado Senior Business Development Manager 

Shawn McLoughlin
National VP, Labor & Public Sector


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