The COVID crisis made us all more aware of the importance of a healthy indoor air environment and the ever-growing need to implement prevention plans against viruses, pathogens, and airborne infectious disease exposure. Both workers and the public at large are more aware than ever, of the importance of guarding against these Bio-threats.

C-POLAR Technologies represent the most affordable, effective, and revolutionary biodefense against viruses, bacteria, and fungi that cause widespread disease, disability, and death. The C-POLAR solution is simple, with their proprietary method to apply a non-toxic positively-charged polymer onto materials; existing HVAC air filters, (which can be easy) treated with C-POLAR polymers, are then able to capture and eradicate viruses and pathogens within 5 minutes. C-POLAR filters are more effective than conventional air filters and competitor technologies such as UVC and Bipolar Ionization, as they have the unique ability to capture, inactivate and eradicate up to 99.99% of viruses and pathogens. Both UVC and Bipolar ionization have potentially hazardous human consequences, namely the fact that their processes emit ozone and UV, respectively, and exposure to either by workers could be toxic.

C-POLAR technology has been tested and validated by many reputable institutions, including Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the University of Minnesota. Recently, C-POLAR technology was applied at the AFL-CIO Headquarters in Washington D.C, studies showed that the air filters treated with C-POLAR filter material were able to safely capture and eradicate 99.99% of the negatively charged viruses and pathogens. One of the many leaders to recognize the value of C-POLAR technologies and the importance of protecting employees in their workspace, was Metal Trades Union, President, James V. Hart. Hart attested to the high caliber air quality set by C-POLAR, stating “the results were astonishing – greatly eradicating microorganisms and pollen, and providing a far safer environment for our workers.”

The AFL-CIO headquarters is a highly-populated, fast airflow environment, for air filtration to work successfully in such a fast-paced environment, the biodefense must be able to act quickly to inactivate pathogens, a process that takes C-POLAR polymers less than 5 minutes, compared to its UVC competitor at up to 25 minutes. C-POLAR represents the future of bio-defense, it creates infection-resilient environments and can transform workplaces into safe spaces. With the cost-effectiveness and minimal energy consumption required by C-POLAR – it is the bio-defense that we want, deserve, and require to protect the people and the planet. C-POLAR has been approved by national and global regulatory institutions, including the FDA and the World Health Organisation (WHO), C- POLAR is quickly becoming the most reliable leading technology against airborne infectious disease.

Sharnika Power, The Advance Group


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