June 15, 2015
By AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka

President Electorial Hillary Clinton

Washington, DC – The labor movement strongly supports Hillary Clinton’s plan to implement sweeping changes to U.S. election and voting laws. This takes our country in the right direction towards ensuring that the vote of every eligible voter – regardless of his or her background – is protected. We applaud her for addressing these issues, which are crucial to a democratic system.

Every American should have the right to register to vote with ease and to cast a ballot in a convenient and accessible way without partisan politics getting in the way. But for far too long, extreme voices in the Republican Party have attempted to block large portions of the electorate from having a voice in the voting booth. Republicans’ refusal to restore the rights of the formerly incarcerated has also ensured that those who have paid their debt to society leave prison disenfranchised and marginalized.  

Republican candidates cannot vie to lead this country while preventing Americans from exercising their right to elect government officials who reflect their values and beliefs. We call on all candidates to make clear their positions on this issue that is so crucial and basic to a democratic system.


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