Solano County, Calif. — Two members of IBEW were killed in a tragic accident while on-the-job working for Pacific Gas and Electric Co. Their helicopter hit a power line which resulted in the copter going out of control. It smashed into the ground causing the entire plane to erupt into a ball of fire.

The two IBEW workers  killed in this Solano county helicopter crash were Local 676 member Jimmy Wasdin and Local 1245 member Travis Shull. The pilot, Roscoe Gray, was not afilliated  with a union.

“We are absolutely devastated by the news we received regarding this on-the-job accident. Our hearts go our to the families of these two IBEW brothers whose lives were cut short by this terrible tragedy,” said IBEW 1245 Business Manager Tom Dalzell. “Line work comes with many very serious risks, and the founders of the IBEW understood that above all, our union must stand up for the safety of all electrical and utility workers. As we collectively mourn for Brother Wasdin and Brother Shull, we must simultaneously renew our commitment to safety on the job, today and every day.”

The crash sparked a large-scale fire over about 10 acres and the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the accident.


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