When asked about quality, Steve Jobs said “Quality is more important than quantity. Be a yardstick of quality, and develop an environment where excellence is expected.” With over 12,000 providers who continually meet the high standards Healthplex sets, Healthplex seconds that sentiment and prides itself on building a high-quality network and coupling that with affordable dental coverage.

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) is the highest standard for quality evaluation measures in the industry. Healthplex works in accordance with their guidelines and has earned the coveted recognition of a NCQA Certification. They were the first in the region to receive this certification and have maintained this level of excellence for 20 years. Since 1998, Healthplex has been the only standalone dental company in the Northeast region to be NCQA Certified as a Credentials Verification Organization in 11 out of 11 credentialing elements.

Handled by a 16 person Credentialing team, every month, over 100 applications from providers looking to join the Healthplex panel are put through a rigorous verification process. This process includes ensuring their license is in good standing, confirming education and degrees, reviewing for sanctions and malpractice history and much more. Before a recommendation is given to accept the provider onto the panel, a meticulous “triple check point process” is implemented as a final review.

Healthplex only accepts the best providers onto their high-quality network and the review doesn’t stop once they’ve been accepted onto the panel. Ongoing monitoring continues with license and sanction reviews done monthly, along with routine office visits to ensure all offices are well equipped, maintaining proper sterilization techniques and are meeting NCQA standards.

Proud to be the favored provider for many unions in the tristate area, Healthplex strives to provide a high-quality, high-valued network that can’t be found anywhere else, at an affordable price many competitors are unable to match. Call 1-800-468-0600 or visit and let us help you find the dentist, and dental coverage, that’s right for you, your family and your union.


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