July 25, 2014
By SEIU President Mary Kay Henry

Washington, DC – After the D.C. Court of Appeals issued its ruling in Halbig v. Burwell, one of several pending court cases challenging tax credits for people who have purchased insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, SEIU President Mary Kay Henry issued the following statement:

"Today, every American should know the Affordable Care Act is working and will continue to benefit families throughout this country regardless of the D.C. Court's ruling.

"This ruling is contrasted by the good news and the hard numbers recently shared that demonstrate we are moving in the right direction on the health of working Americans. More Americans than ever before have health care they can afford and the vast majority are pleased with the coverage they have gained thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

"Unfortunately, opponents of the law are ignoring this good news and the reality of working Americans struggling with healthcare costs. Not even the health and welfare of millions of Americans could prevent right-wing extremists from pushing forward with this sad, costly and pointless legal assault, but we are confident the availability of tax credits through the federal marketplaces will be upheld."


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