Editor’s Note: Joseph A. Geiger is Executive-Secretary Treasurer of the New York City and Vicinity District Council of Carpenters 

New York, NY – On February 9, 2021, we launched Carpenters RISE with the intention of becoming a political powerhouse once again. It was a major undertaking at a very poignant time, and we had all eyes looking at us. Yet, despite the pressure, you did what union carpenters do. You took on the job and built something that we are all proud of here at the District Council.

Joe Geiger speaks out against wage theft in New York City’s construction industry this past April. 

In just over four months, you stepped out of your comfort zone and became the true leaders of this member-led endorsement process, and you were the driving force behind its success. That said, I would like to commend you and express my gratitude and appreciation for the hundreds of hours you have collectively given to get this campaign off the ground and to where it is today.

Without your commitment and insight, we never could have built the such a strong campaign infrastructure and educated and activated members around the political process or built power for the union. On a more personal note, I was on many of the interviews and trainings and I was very impressed by how many of you stepped into new roles so easily, while others asked great questions and represented the union so well to all of the candidates.

While we can see the results of our hard work, I want to take this time to remind you that this is just the beginning. This isn’t something we are going to put to the side. We are going to continue to grow this power-building campaign and invest in our union’s growth. To do that, we will all need to continue working together and recruiting more brothers and sisters to be part of Carpenters RISE. The District Council and the construction industry are connected to and impacted by government and we must continue being the messengers who remind our members to vote, and contribute to the PAC. We all must get active in our communities and join community boards and stand up for the issues that affect carpenters because there is a direct connection to who we elect and the jobs we get.

Again, thank you very much for everything you have done for the District Council and what you continue to do.



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