Musculoskeletal (MSK) pain is a common cause of disability and lost productivity in the workplace today. In fact, up to half of your workforce is struggling with an MSK condition. MSK care is far and away the top driver of rising healthcare spending for most large companies, but particularly for Funds.

For these reasons, companies are increasingly looking to add an MSK program to their benefits suite. But evaluating and selecting from among the many vendors available can be a daunting task. While no two vendors are alike, look for these five pillars of care to ensure the program you select is able to deliver the highest quality care virtually:

  1. Programs that are tailored to a member’s specific injury, pain levels, and comorbidities
    (related conditions)
  2. Treatments supervised by licensed doctors of physical therapy—not health coaches
  3. High engagement and completion rates
  4. Technology that’s easy to use, interactive, and feedback-oriented
  5. A solution that focuses on mind and body, with behavioral coaching

In addition to evaluating programs for these five essential pillars, you should be asking these
five critical questions of any digital MSK solution you’re considering:
Is the program designed and supervised by a licensed physical therapist?

Do the member and the physical therapist get feedback on performance and progress?

Does the program focus on education and coaching?

What kind of cost savings can we expect?

Does the program have clinically validated outcomes?

Once you’ve made the decision to cut costs and add MSK, there’s the matter of positioning
yourself to find the right vendor. To do so, you need to build a robust RFP that can help you find
the solution with the best technology, the clinical experts of choice, and the strongest outcomes.

Download Sword’s sample RFP to guide you on your way. See what types of questions you should be asking your vendors.

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