New York, NY – “For more than a century, New Haven line trains have utterly neglected Bronx and Harlem residents—allowing riders from Connecticut and Westchester suburbs to disembark in the city, but refusing service to local New Yorkers.

“The MTA, Metro-North, and Connecticut DOT have taken an important first step towards addressing and reversing these discriminatory practices—and they should be commended. It was, however, only a first step.

“The Harlem-125th, Melrose, Tremont, Botanical Garden, Williams Bridge, and Woodlawn stations continue to be bypassed by New Haven line trains—leaving Bronx and Manhattan residents with inadequate service. For real transit equity, we need to lower in-city Metro-North and LIRR fares to the $2.75 price of a MetroCard swipe and establish free subway and bus transfers so that New Yorkers aren’t effectively locked out of the 41 commuter rail stations within the five boroughs. We also need to make needed improvements to inaccessible stations that leave mobility impaired passengers stranded.

“Not until these reforms are in place will we have a truly fair and effective commuter rail system worthy of our city and its 8.6 million residents.”


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