Essential services, including police, FDNY, EMS, sanitation and even schools are all having their budgets cut by the Adams administration. The cuts will take effect immediately, due to what city officials are calling “unprecedented” deficits. They are calling for 5% across-the-board cuts from every municipal department. Although no layoffs are planned, union heads are outraged; and Patrick Henry, president of the PBA, says that the cancellation of five academy classes combined with attrition, “is truly a disaster for every New Yorker who cares about safe streets.” The administration blames the cuts on various issues, not the least of which is the migrant crisis, whose cost to house and provide for the approximately 142,000 recent arrivals has ballooned way past initial projections.

Read the full story by Crystal Lewis, Duncan Freeman, and Richard Khavkine for The Chief-Leader, published November 16, 2023, here:,51455 


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