On this episode of LaborPress’ Blue Collar Buzz, we speak to fast food worker Mica Hargrove about Fast Food Justice, the new non-profit group advocating for

Striking Spectrum worker Eddie Rogan.

low-wage workers in the industry. Striking Spectrum worker and IBEW Local 3 member Eddie Rogan talks about what’s at stake for workers at the giant cable provider. Independent Drivers Guild members Michele Dottin and Sohail Rana talk about how app-based outfits like Uber and Lyft are literally driving their colleagues to suicide. And finally, economist and Democracy@Work founder Prof. Richard Wolff talks about what it will take for workers to rise up and turn the tide against rapacious corporate bosses. 


3 thoughts on “BCB 2/13/18 Episode: Democratizing the Workplace!”

  1. What this company is doing to these loyal skilled workers is an absolute disgrace and they should be ashamed. How they are still allowed to operate in NYC is just beyond me.

  2. This striking Soectrum worker spoke about in negoatiations a company representative named Kevin Smith said I quote they would not pay into the JIB the unions difined medical & pension plan over his mothers grave he should be ashamed of himself showing no respect for family as will as the workers. I feel it s gotten too personal for him at this point.

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