July 17, 2014
By Neal Tepel

New York, NY  – Over 1.5 million acres off the Atlantic coast can now be utilized for offshore wind development according to a new report from the National Wildlife Federation. Catching the Wind: State Actions Needed to Seize the Golden Opportunity of Atlantic Offshore Wind Power contains a new analysis showing how strong, consistent winds offshore can provide power to New York. This is enough to power over five million homes.

“The Atlantic Ocean is a clean energy and job-producing goldmine,” said Catherine Bowes, senior manager for climate and energy at the National Wildlife Federation. “With areas offshore that can power 5 million homes currently available for leasing, it is a critical moment for state leaders to seize this golden opportunity and create a clean energy future powered by American workers that can protect our wildlife and communities from the dangers of climate change.”

Ed Murphy, Executive Director of the Workforce Development Institute – a statewide New York non-profit that supports economic development and good jobs for working families, said, "Offshore wind would be an important part of New York's energy mix and would create good, clean energy jobs which WDI has supported through our green sector programs, its Offshore Wind Coalition and its Offshore Wind Supply Chain database ."

The report discusses ways offshore wind power could save millions. Its development would be aimed at establishing a diverse stable energy portfolio. Offshore Wind Power could also spike Job creation and play an import role in meeting New York’s carbon emission reductions proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency.
"Harnessing the power of offshore wind means cleaner air, green jobs, economic growth, and a path to getting New York back on track to meeting energy goals while combating climate change.


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