Unlike some other major corporations around the nation, who demonize and castigate those who choose to unionize, as well as often engage in illegal union-busting, Costco top execs responded to a recent unionizing at a Norfolk, Virginia warehouse by saying it was the company’s failings that led to that outcome. Two CEOs, outgoing CEO Craig Jelinek and current CEO Ron Vachris  in a memo to workers, said they were “not disappointed in our employees; we’re disappointed in ourselves as managers and leaders.” It was circulated via email, posted in warehouse break rooms, as well as on the Costco Reddit site. They added that a “core value” of the company has been “taking care of our employees,” without a union being necessary. The workers are now unionized with the Teamsters.

Read the full story by Dominick Reuter for Business Insider, published January 3, 2024, here:


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