Honored to be on the Labor Power Players List

EmblemHealth CEO Karen Ignagni is featured on the Labor Power Players list!

For us, providing health care to unions is really a labor of love. After all, our proud history of serving the working men and women of New York for more than 80 years is at the heart of everything we do. This bond continues today with a steadfast commitment to meet and exceed labor’s changing needs during challenging times. 
It’s an especially important time for labor as the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the need and demand for safe working conditions, strong benefits, and employee assistance programs.
The Labor Power Players list recognizes those leaders who have supported and served New York’s workforce during the pandemic, but also for long before it began.

As CEO of EmblemHealth, Karen Ignagni is dedicated to partnering with labor unions to help build a strong, healthy future. Click here to see her interview and the full list of Labor Power Players: Labor Power Players (

Please visit our labor website here and email Jolt Mena at to learn more about EmblemHealth’s affordable health care solutions for municipal and non-municipal labor unions.



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