On Dec. 20, tens of thousands of commercial office cleaners in the city will hold a strike vote. The union that represents them, 32BJ of the SEIU, also represents a wide swath of building workers, including maintenance workers, elevator operators, porters, lobby attendants and some security personnel, all in the five boroughs. They have been negotiating with the Realty Advisory Board, or RAB, which represents building owners, managers and cleaning companies. The workers’ current contract expires on Dec. 31, and its officials says the RAB proposals are untenable. Members of the union are being asked to pay for health insurance, say goodbye to overtime pay after eight hours, accept cuts to paid sick days and vacations, as well as cuts to labor protections.

Read the full story by Richard Khavkine for The Chief-Leader, published December 5, 2023, here:,51552 


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