Better health care at lower cost. That’s what plan sponsors and the more than half of Americans who rely on workplace-sponsored insurance for health coverage rightly demand. Yet, until now, most approaches to health coverage fail to generate both clinical and economic value. Why? Provider, plan sponsor, and patient incentives are not aligned. There’s a way to align the interest of all stakeholders – and it starts with competition, something that has been conspicuously lacking the health care industry. As we see in almost every other aspect of the U.S. economy, a competitive marketplace does something wonderful: It drives prices down and quality up.

But how can we inject competition into American health care? Renowned Stanford University health economist and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Dr. Alain Enthoven, has a few ideas about that. Register for the 45-minute webinar, “How to Immediately Lower Your Health Care Costs” at 2 pm ET on Thursday, December 14, 2017, when I join Dr. Enthoven to delve into the causes behind ballooning health care costs and will offer strategies to reverse that trend.

We will also share experience and insights into how an integrated health system can encourage closer relationships between families and providers, improving health outcomes.

Join the webinar to learn more about health plans designed around integrated health systems, which can be offered as a cost-effective option.

Carmilla Tan is an actuarial expert and former benefits executive who currently serves as Senior Vice President, Analytics at Brighton Health Plan Solutions (BHPS), an innovative health care enablement company with several industry-leading products. BHPS’s new Create® health care marketplace introduces competition between health systems to finally deliver better health care at lower cost for employers in the New York tri-state area.



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