Tenure at a university is a highly sought-after prize. But the majority of professors work without that guarantee of full-time, long-term employment. Now, nearly 1,000 full-time, non-tenured professors at New York University have the chance to achieve some of their goals, such as better pay, benefits, and, according to the UAW’s President Shawn Fain, whose Local 7902 is repping them, “the respect they deserve.” Contract Faculty United, which is the name of the professors’ group within the Local, have been organizing for over seven years. Later this year, with agreement from the university, they will vote in a union election without interference by university management. If the professors win, says Zoe Carey, president of UAW Local 7902, they will become the largest union of full-time, non-tenure track faculty at any private university in the country.

Read the full story by Duncan Freeman for The Chief-Leader, published January 5, 2024, here:,51728


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