This week, Blue Collar Buzz had the opportunity to sit down with IBEW Local 3 members John Freeman and Randy Cedeno and talk about the 10-month-long

IBEW Local 3’s John Freeman and Randy Cedeno in the Blue Collar Buzz studio.

strike pitting some 1,800 middle-class workers against multi-billion-dollar telecommunications giant Charter/Spectrum. In a discussion that will be part this Sunday night’s 9 o’clock episode of Blue Collar Buzz on AM970,  the striking union members challenge the bogus narrative Spectrum’s been spinning throughout the nearly year-long dispute; what the issues really are for workers — and why  IBEW Local 3 members continue to persist in the face of rapacious corporate greed.

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20 thoughts on “10 Months of Struggle: Striking Spectrum Workers Speak Out!”

  1. This is terribly unjust to these workers. Shame on spectrum. Do was is rightf for these hard working individuals.

  2. Terrible company Spectrum to work for they treat their employees so unfair no company should be so heartless these were dedicated employees that worked very hard for a living they do not deserved this

  3. It is ashamed chatter/spectrum is trying to get rid of local3. This company has gotten cheap labor for years. Now this company wants local 3 to sign a fake contact that has a fake pension, fake medical coverage and no job protection for Union workers.we must resist and do not help this company get rid of local 3. .. Bravo Randy and John.

    This is Henry Francois.

  4. This is a fight worth fighting for every middle class workers future in NYC in 2018.
    Unions need to dig in and make a stand.

  5. These are intelligent hard workers. If they knew this deal that was offered to them was worth it for their future and families, they would take it. Be fair Spectrum and do right by your workers who have put you where you are today. Respect your workers.

  6. Thank you for finally giving these workers an opportunity to give their side of the story. Stop media manipulation! Stop corporate greed!

  7. Union pays no money at all. $10 I started and they wanted to keep it that way, what’s the purpose of just being paid $10 an hour. Yes I got bumped to $17.50. That’s what spectrum is paying lower techs now…. money talks. The union wanted to come back with the contract after I’m getting close to $30, keep the union out. 401k is being matched 6%. Live and you learn, apadpt to your environment. Get back to work feeed your families.

    1. Just think your investing your future in a 401K if the stock market crashes so goes your pension & your money it a crap shoot putting all your eggs in one basket. Go union and have a rock sold guaranteed pension & medical plan. I personally don’t won’t to be old and worn out eating No Frills Cereal I don’t know about you but put away all the money claim to be making for a rainy day your going to need it don’t get caught saying I should have thought about it now it’s too late.

  8. In a few months I’ll be getting paid $45 where can you go and get this??? Doesn’t make sense to be out you guys union local 3 is waistinf your time. National labor board ruled against the whole situation between the local and company. Open up your eyes

  9. Realize that local 3 wants to come back at the same rate everyone was getting paid. Tech $11,tech 2 $12 tech 3 $13.50 tech 4$17.50. Tech 5 36.50. Now it takes 6 years to get to $36.50. Who and what in the heck is $11 to trouble shoot and install cable. Right now like I said tech level 1 is starting at $18… pay for your own benefits yes but more bang for your buck. Only the strong survive… weak stay with a group that won’t and choose not to adapt

    1. It’s funny you say weak ? Just think it’s the opposite a person that can indure almost a year long strike and still manage to run a household and provide for his family doesn’t sound to me like a weak person. The weak person is the one who wants to come in and have everything handed to them and only look at wages without putting in hard work and years of dedication. Regardless you can feed into their propaganda. Regardless I’m still proud to be UNION !!! And not a scab worker.

  10. Union is all for the older people don’t give two craps about the younger crowd coming in…. only held negotiations to get the older crowd back and not follow in with the up coming…. screw you local 3 plus contractors are still out there working while on strike….. wait can I add union dues are still being taken out, Wait another one is I’m still paying into my pension on my own sooooo……..?

    1. Just remember your an at will employee with no representation and as you talk about your current wage just be aware they can give and take it away and nothing you can do to stop it. I also feel you must be very young holding no regard for you or your families future. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day it takes time a 6 year apprentice program goes by fast all I can suggest to you be carefull going forward Just take time out of busy day too prepare for your future a don’t put all your trust in the powers that be remember easy come easy go !!!

  11. Hard working dedicatieated men &women of IBEW local#3 have worked along side management to do right thing by the subsscribers for the past 40 years to deliver the services the pay for and keep them loyal customers and now spectrum comes along a throws these hard working individuals to the way side. This is just disgusting. As a subscriber this is not the way to start a relationship in NYC . I think Verizon is looking better to me right now.

  12. Sounds to me if the CEO makes 98 million a year and spectrum stock is up it’s not a monetary issue it’s just a personal issue by their nyc coporoate leadership to try and bust the union at all cost with no regard for their paying subscribers future. That seems to be of no interest to them.

  13. It’s wrong to take loyal employees and just throw them to the dogs! What about your loyal subscribers ? Where is conscience? How could you sleep at night?

  14. The Charter/Spectrum CEO makes $100 million a year and yet feels the need to get healthcare and pension concessions from the workers? This is a disgrace!

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