Workers at the BMW Regional Distribution Center, located in Palmer Township, PA, are the latest cadre of UAW members to win major improvements in their jobs. Their victory came after they organized a strike threat that BMW found credible and worrisome. If the members ratify the deal offered by the car-making giant, they will gain record wage increases, the end of the two-tier wage system, anathema to many unions, as well as many other crucial concessions. BMW’s corporate earnings and payouts are stratospheric: $50 billion in profits since 2021, while last year alone shareholders raked in $7.2 billion. Their CEO got an almost $10 million payday also in 2023. UAW Region 9 Director Daniel Vicente said of the workers, “They’re a testament to the power of solidarity.”

Read the full story by UAW News, published June 29, 2024, here:


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