Naeisha Rose November 23, 2020

Franklin Rx Pharmacy Debuts Special Freezers to Store COVID-19 Vaccines

Long Island, NY - Franklin Rx Pharmacy is a modern 21st Century drugstore  in Hempstead, L.I., that has

Naeisha Rose November 23, 2020

NSBCTC President Calls Anti-Mask Crowd ‘Sinful’ – Champions Smart Safety Protocols

Long Island, NY - Last spring, Long Island was a hotbed of COVID-19, and although cases are once again spiking in New York, efforts to curtail the virus resulted in

Larry Moskowitz November 18, 2020

Confronting Our Historic Failure on Racism

Editor’s Note: Larry Moskowitz's first picket line was in 1964 demanding federal intervention when Civil Rights activists Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney went missing, but before their bodies were found. He

Working in Power: Former Airport Employee Rises Above Anti-Union Bosses

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Silver Krieger January 28, 2021

Tech Workers Turned Trade Unionists: Labor Finds New Strength

New York, NY – Earlier this month, a group of nearly 230 tech workers from Google parent company Alphabet capped off their long struggle against unfair labor practices and unethical business

Ben Kimmel January 27, 2021

Unionized Contractors Are Setting the Bar on Job Site Safety

New York, NY - Once again, the benefits of working with unionized contractors have proven to go beyond the typical safety protocols in the building trades. Hopes are high that

Naeisha Rose January 27, 2021

Magazine Staffers Flex Their Union Muscles in Face of Inequities

New York, NY - Last week, nearly 100 staffers at The New Yorker walked off the job citing years of low wages, increasing duties and a growing list of exiting

Naeisha Rose January 26, 2021

Instacart Looks to Reap Billions as it Fires Frontline Workers This Spring

New York, NY - Frontline workers on the job throughout the pandemic as supermarket shoppers for Instacart expect to lose their jobs this spring. The anticipated firings come as the

Steve Wishnia January 24, 2021

Legalizing Cannabis = 30K New Jobs for New York State, Union Says

  The United Food and Commercial Workers, the RWDSU’s parent union, was the first to organize in the cannabis industry, beginning in California’s medical-marijuana program in

Steve Wishnia January 24, 2021

‘We fought This Battle for the Rest of the Working People of This Country’ – Hunts Pt. Market Teamsters Settle Strike; Win 10% Raise

NEW YORK, N.Y.—After a week of cold-night picketing warmed by oil-drum fires, workers at the Hunts Point Produce Market in the Bronx on Jan. 23 overwhelmingly ratified a contract that